CleaRights offers a wide variety of services for music rights owners.
We welcome any project. No matter the size or the budget.


- Whether you are a big budget motion picture or an indie film with a tight budget, CleaRights can cut a clear path to obtain the rights you need.

- We will discuss your budget for music, the music you want to use and how it will be used in the production and then come up with a plan to obtain the rights you need.

- We locate the rights owners, present a carefully crafted usage request, negotiate the fees and terms for the use and obtain an agreement from the rights owner(s).  It’s that simple and clear.


Do you own publishing rights to your songs?  CleaRights can administer your catalog which includes:

- Negotiation of fees and terms for all uses of your music

- Collection of fees and royalties

- Administration of your catalog:  Copyright registration, set-up of the catalog with a performing rights society (ASCAP, BMI or SESAC) and registration of song titles,  contract management


Just starting outing and simply wanting to get things set-up before your career takes off so you can focus on creating the music?  
CleaRights can help you with that.

Services include:

- Affiliation of catalog with a performing rights organization “PRO” (ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC)

- Registration of song titles with your PRO.  (This enables you to be paid by the PRO for public performances of your songs.)

- Creation and administration of agreements with co-writers.


Our fees vary based on the type of project or work you need done.  Fees are typically done on a per song or per project basis for clearances and on a percentage of income for catalog administration.

We’re here to help you make your rights “clear” and not “break the bank” in the process.  What is “clear” is if it makes sense for you, it more than likely makes sense for us, too.


CleaRights also works with many artists who have made their music available for licensing and usage in your film, commercial or television show.  Click HERE to listen to samples now.


John Guertin /CleaRights