John Guertin is the Founder of CleaRights.  He has 15+ years of experience in the music, tv, film and entertainment industries.  Over his career he has held a number of positions with companies such as Turner Broadcasting (Cartoon Network, CNN, TNT/TBS), Universal Music Group, EMI Music Publishing, Carl Fischer Music and the United States Copyright Office handling a wide variety of responsibilities, including music clearances, licensing fee negotiation, contract management and publishing catalog administration.  From tv & film licenses/clearances to mechanicals, performing rights registrations to copyright issues, John can offer his experience and insights to make the rights involved with your project or catalog “Clear.”

Some of the tv/film productions and commercials John has negotiated deals with include
The Mentalist, Iron Man 2, Chevy, Target, K-mart, The Royals (Season 1 promos)

You can see his full experience HERE



A.J. Vallejo / Sundae Girrl (BMI) 
 Alex Vallejo / Spanish Angel Music (ASCAP)
 Omar Vallejo / Phwexy Glass Music (ASCAP)
Bruce Castleberry / MotorPig Music (ASCAP)

Quiet Company
Taylor Muse / I'm Evolving As We Speak (ASCAP)

Barbara K  / Sparrows Wheel (BMI) 
Former leader singer of Timbuk 3 “The Future’s So Bright I’ve Gotta Wear Shades"

South Austin Moonlighters
onnie Trevino Jr / Popcorn Shrimp
Phil Hurley / Philtron Music (BMI)
Chris Beall / Beallstreet (SESAC)
Phil Bass / CleaRights Music (BMI)

MC Overlord / Big Don
Donnell Robinson / Big Don's World (ASCAP)

Tomar and The FC's

The Well
Ian Graham / Glass Jacket Publishing (ASCAP)
Lisa Alley / CleaRights Music (BMI)

Buenos Diaz
Nick Diaz / CleaRights Music (BMI)

Love & Chaos
A.J. Vallejo /Sundae Girrl (BMI)
Kendall Beard / Kendall Beard Publishing (BMI)

Dead Love Club 
Alex Vallejo / Dead Love Club Music (ASCAP)

Rose Sinclair / Steel Pal Music (BMI) 

Wayne Garner Band 
Wayne Garner / Izzy G Publishing (ASCAP)

Ali Holder / Lometa (BMI)

  KP and the Boom Boom / KPBB Publishing (BMI)

Kady Rain
Kady Rain Williams / CleaRights Music (BMI)
Ben Bazzrea / CleaRights Music (BMI)

Hooka Hey 
Hugo de San Quentin / CleaRights (BMI)

The Big Gun Show
Gunter Woodson / CleaRights Music (BMI)

Amy Edwards / Amy & The Hi-Fi's
Amy Edwards / Westover Manor Productions LLC

Kev Bev and the Woodland Creatures 
Kevin Collins / CleaRights Music (BMI)   

Tiarra Girls 
Tori, Sophia, & Tiffany Baltierra / CleaRights Music (BMI)

Nomad City
Ray Kainz / CleaRights Music (BMI)
Britny Lobas / CleaRights Music (BMI)

 Enrique Rangel / Fantasy Six Music (BMI)

 Homan / The Statx Publishing Company (BMI)    

Eric Debris / Metal Urbain

Deanna Wheeler

Anthony Ferrara

Jacob Rene

Robin Wiley

AJ & The Whiskey Rebellion

Southtown ATX

Soundnoodle LLC  
Jared Kinsler / (Quincynoodle (ASCAP)
Jon Parsons / Georgenoodle (BMI)
Jake Linder / Reubenoodle (ASCAP)



Cleavage Chronicles  – A Musical

The Space Station – Short film (Prod. by J. Casey Kucera)

Little Green Men (Dystopian Productions)

Rosetta: The Musical

The Bitch & The Jew (trailer for podcast)  - Edgen Films